Age Range: 55 – 70
The Vibes: Friendly, Confident, Harmless, Funny, Cockey, Warm, Smug, Helpful, Aloof, Mature, Neurotic, Self Centered
(Socks: “a hint of color”)


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It all began in college with television production, acting stage credits and a summer tour with a children’s theater troupe. Then a second summer tour with a newly formed Actors Equity Company. I have managed to squeeze four years of college into five. My college roommates have graduated and started careers. So I graduate too. OK? The stage and television production experience made way to a full time career in radio as an on air personality. Then, radio programming and commercial production when out of nowhere came media/broadcast business experience and that jargon, along with forecasts and budgets. Are you keeping a score card on the career experience? It is adding up for the good… from a career of acting and on air talent into marketing, ad agency account development, television and radio ad sales… Then a quick cup of coffee in corporate America with 3M (our division was sold) and that space led to more marketing and eventually product management in electronics distribution. Yes… from television production to acting and media to a corporate world – well… they make movies about characters like that. So, later that day… audiobooks found me … then an entree into commercial Voiceover and as On Screen Talent. !boom! The detour from acting and radio voice over to the corporate world had this cloverleaf and there it was a “high speed ramp” that had a re-entry onto the Super Highway of Acting, Commercials, Corporate Videos, Voice Acting, Commercial Voiceovers … “IT” had never -(really never ever) stopped calling my name … Welcome home!

“Life don’t run away from nobody. Life runs at people.” 

Joe Frazier

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Edgy Commercial Demo
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2020: Pestilence Credits

  • Commercial – 55+ Residential Community – (Supporting)
  • Commercial – Health Care Insurance (Supporting)
  • Commercial – Automotive Group (Supporting)
  • Corporate Video – Epiflo II (Patient Lead)
  • Website Narration – U. S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Services DSS Most Wanted (Lead)
  • Corporate Video – Epiflo I (Patient Lead)
  • Film – Hofstra University A Proper Soldier (Supporting)
  • Film – Johns Hopkins University Films – Paper Flowers (Supporting)
  • Social Media – U. S. Park Service Voiceover “The future of National Parks” (Supporting)


Joseph Brugh 2020