Project Examples


Ten Camels for My Wife – John Meadows – Quit your job and tour the world. Start telling those stories for a few years then… write a book. An anecdotal first person read with fun on every page. My first book as a Creative Narrator. Much fun. And Norma! (John’s Wife) Just wait till you get to the camel market.

School Trip to Paris

The Locust Fields: Volume 2 The Champion Lord – Paul Davies – Another world Another time. Talking dragons. Talking insects. Armies at war. Confusion at every corner. Beautiful fairies. Cunning fairies. Heroes and the reincarnation of the Spirit – Death. A waring world of kingdoms and Spirits. Multiple characters and voices and one Granite Sword which could be the answer to control and bring sanity to end the quest of world domination. Many moving parts.

The Cave with the Matriarch

Letters and Secrets – Richard Ayres – The Jubilee Year in England. A college professor is now out of prison starting a new life. He writes letters to a young man that may be his son. The inner haunting of a man who has to know if their lives are connected by an earlier lover and the man who he accidentally killed in a spark of jealous rage. Enjoyed this read immensely.

The Further Education of Mike Carter – Richard Ayres – A new college president comes to university and is ready to make all the dynamic changes on the campus ending smoking, philandering, drinking a lunch. Marcia is ready to crack the whip and wants complete compliance, Michael Carter who has had a triumphal reign as a the Don Juan of college professors does not deal well. Now with the changing of the guard and closing in on retirement … what to do? Revolt. and let the chips fall where they may. His girlfriend (Fiona), his best friend, his past conquests his drinking establishments are all in for a ride. He is going to risk it all and roll the dice. A very fun read.

Fiona slams down the phone and takes a bath

Merlin’s Rescue – Michael Griffin – The great magician Merlin has been kidnapped by his evil brother Morvin and his wicked wife Moravan. Who are of the same evil wicked guile spirt as the Daemon King and his black Castle. Merlin’s son and grand son are about to rescue him with an entire circus of characters. Outwitting evil and returning a world of good will.

Introduction to the Daemon King

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